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My main computer

I am scanning articles for a lit review. My eyes are not bleeding yet, but give it time! (really though, I like it. People research neat things)

Anyway, I ran across another phrase that struck me, from:

Social bookmarking, folksonomies, and Web 2.0 tools. By: Gordon-Murnane L

With respect to social bookmarking, Gordon-Murnane L says

“Links become portable. Users are no longer tied to their desks or even their laptops to access their links. As long as you have access to the Web, you have access to the links and sites you consider valuable. Not only can you access your links, you can also easily update, add, and edit new links while away from your main computer.”

I think I’m just a sliver away from not even having what I would term a “main computer.” My lappy (name: Hermes) has the furthest extent of all customizations I want, so I suppose that makes it my main computer, but I’m developing quite a set of resources on my user profile at school which I can access via SHTP, and I also have a distinct set of resources at the work computer that have certain access restrictions specific to the software on that computer. And if I had the dollars for an iphone like gadget, I’d probably make that as customized and focused as my laptop, but more focused on truly mobile apps like navigation resources, podcasts, and IM. (I’d do news/headlines but I get carsick really easily.)

This makes me curious as to what “main computer” means for other people. Funny how many of my off-the-cuff research ideas are primarily ontological and semantic. How did I manage not to major in linguistics as an undergrad? :)