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List of 100

I was cherry picking my feed reader items (yes, I have lots of assignments due soon) and via Lifehacker I found this Lists of 100 suggestion to spark creativity. I am so excited about this! It seems like my kind of thing. I recently purchased silly Japanese stationery and now I know how I will use it.

Recently I wanted to make this blog a little less navel-gazy (it’s a word now!) and a little more production-focused. I think doing the list exercise will help with that.

Also, I had a really good Knowledge Management class last Thursday. I finally managed to put my finger on what was silently missing in our readings, and I think I made my points clear to others. People and resources don’t just magically come together to produce some innovative policy/product/etc. People make people and resources come together, and I’m interested in the details of that negotiation/diplomacy process.