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Only rotated sometimes?

While allowing myself to be distracted from writing an altogether too lengthy set of requirements for what’s looking to be a PIM system, I saw on Pandora that the music I was listening to had the artists’ names rotated. I selected the Classical genre station (Chamber, Baroque to be precise), and all the artists look like Bach, Johann Sebastian and Corelli, Archangelo. But on other stations I have, the names aren’t rotated. At first I thought maybe I’m thinking of bands, whose names shouldn’t be rotated. (I mean, Punk, Daft? No.) But I looked and saw that specific people’s names aren’t rotated either. (Bob Dylan, for example.)

Is this a function of the genre stations in general? Is it because of the specific genre I’m listening to now? Is this more about how the metadata is captured? (I think this has at least a healthy chunk to do with it.) Should I get back to my paper?

I know the answer to one of these questions!

Also, damn Trent for introducing Pandora into my cognitive life. I get so OCD-fixated on it!