Scheming again, this time with spinach

I’ve decided to take some notes, since there are a couple things I keep forgetting when I go back to the scheme stuff.

So, when I’m defining functions that I know will be nested in other functions, this is what I want to do: once (define (spinach vitamins)) is defined, I just want that to be called spinach. When I want to use the definition for spinach I’ve created, I want to be able to say something to the effect of

(define (nutrition veggies-consumed)
(+ spinach ...))

I can’t do this yet. I still have to articulate the terms under which spinach is considered. Out loud. In writing.

(define (nutrition veggies-consumed)
(+ (spinach vitamins) ...))

I’ve now written spinach so much it doesn’t look like a word anymore.

Also, the functionality options for massaging the content of a post in this WYSIWYG editor is flippin’ ridiculous. I’m more frustrated by this than by figuring out scheme syntax.


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