Today’s project work status

I wrote functions. It was hard, but I eventually got them down in a concise way and it worked! My book doesn’t have a solutions sheet so I really am on my own, which is both good and bad, but I suppose mostly good at this point.

Also, while looking up today’s dollar-euro exchange rate to write a function for that, I noticed this chart showing the value of the dollar to the euro over the past year. Against the euro, the dollar lost ten cents of its value in a year (and if I misread that, let me know). One year is all it took for that something to become nothing. Damn.

I think the the most unexpected revelation today is that writing expressions makes solving word problems really fun. I used to hate word problems, but now it’s really nice. My expressions can be reused for other values, not just the one in the question. I guess programming goes green.

I also took a short jog today but it started fully raining when I was halfway out on my route. I got a soaking. Hopefully I don’t get sick.


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