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I use a Mac. Sweet little MacBook I’ve named Hermes, because I purchased this Mac so I could use Quicksilver. It felt a little weird to put a large sum of money down in essence for a free application to use on the product I purchased, but it really has been worth it. I haven’t upgraded to Leopard because I don’t even use my dock. All QS, all the time.

I recently started using the Shelf, which I have to say is pretty dang hot. A persistent clipboard that lets me hot-swap text on the fly in a couple of keystrokes? Sort of rocking my world right now. Except I put something on the Shelf that wasn’t right, and I wanted to remove it. And it took me about 30 minutes to figure out how to do that! On the one hand, it kind of boggles my mind that what I see as simple functionality seems so hard to get to, but on the other hand my Metadata class has done quite well in getting me acclimated to that fact, and figuring out solutions.

What all do I need to know to get QS to read items on the Shelf and move those items to the trash? At this point, I have to use my mouse to perform the function, and the mouse is evil.


A thought, as I design my experiment

When people look at the results of an image search, are they mentally performing a sorting task?

I’m looking at Fidel‘s discussion of Jorgensen’s work here, comparing the describing, searching, and sorting tasks wrt Perceptual and Interpretive classes of image attributes. They are different. (Shock!)

If the state of image indexing is such that the characteristics indexers use to describe images is so different from that which they might use to sort them, no wonder I can’t find enough cute pictures of kittens.

I suppose I should keep reading.

Kick down the barrier

I just broke down a major weight dragging me down recently. I have an exit requirement to obtain my coveted degree, the portfolio. And tonight I finally sat down and looked at some samples, read some guidelines and guidance in producing it, and jotted down what I think are my good selling points, major themes to build around, and the most fabulous idea ever for a graphic (this portfolio will be website-style). I don’t know if I can pull it off, but if I can…I’m really excited about it in only the way I and other thesaurus geeks could be.

It feels really good to have that stuff largely settled. I feel released from my backburner fretting and fearing–to put it in the words of a coworker–that I’ll be homeless and live in a cardboard box failing at life if I can’t get this right.

List of 100

I was cherry picking my feed reader items (yes, I have lots of assignments due soon) and via Lifehacker I found this Lists of 100 suggestion to spark creativity. I am so excited about this! It seems like my kind of thing. I recently purchased silly Japanese stationery and now I know how I will use it.

Recently I wanted to make this blog a little less navel-gazy (it’s a word now!) and a little more production-focused. I think doing the list exercise will help with that.

Also, I had a really good Knowledge Management class last Thursday. I finally managed to put my finger on what was silently missing in our readings, and I think I made my points clear to others. People and resources don’t just magically come together to produce some innovative policy/product/etc. People make people and resources come together, and I’m interested in the details of that negotiation/diplomacy process.