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Why don’t you just tell me the movie you want to see?

Classes are starting up again and I need to make a slight attitude adjustment. Nothing major, but a shift is required.

This summer I did fieldwork (such as one does in the information professions) two days a week at Corbis. It was just what I wanted: I got a taste for controlled vocabulary work in a corporate setting, and I got to see how an info organization group markets itself to the rest of its company. And while I wasn’t doing the fieldwork thing, I was working at my current place of employment for the other three days per week. Business has been ramping up there, we’re seeing some significant changes in processes/procedures, and I lost my usual job-share partner, so for the last six weeks or so I’ve been trying to work a 45 hr/week morphing job in three days. Very busy, and a fair amount of overtime on the days I’m there. So summer didn’t feel quite as relaxing as I wanted it to.

Anyway, because I’ve felt so inundated at my current workplace, I’ve kind of stopped poring deeply into things. I scan my feeds pretty superficially, I give up looking for answers to a question after about 30 seconds, and I actively ignore information that could be useful to me if it isn’t useful the moment I encounter it. Instead of poking, prodding, and guessing at things I don’t understand, I would rather someone just tell me what they found interesting/meaningful (hence my Seinfeldian title), and leave it at that.

This isn’t really conducive to graduate studies. It also isn’t conducive to my general happiness and intellectual well-being. So, I need to make the shift: open up, regenerate my natural curiosity, and support my sometimes sickening interest in the geekiest of things. Lower my current job on the priorities list, and do whatever it takes to make sure that when I’m at work I work, and when I leave at 5:00 (every day, no exceptions) I leave it all there.

I think part of why I didn’t post much this past summer is because of the effects of the attitude shift. I was pushing away time spent on intellectual depth, and posting here was not immediately relevant to my tasks. Also, it’s just kind of hard to write, and to commit to writing regularly. But I expect much of this to change soon, whether of my own doing or by the sheer force of The Great Prioritizer.

This quarter, I am taking:

  • Metadata
  • Knowledge Management
  • Research Methods

I’m pretty excited to see how the first two will interact. I had such a fun and inspiring time with the unanticipated interaction between my thesaurus building and information retrieval classes last spring. Yay!