Slow Goin’

Today is just a lazy day for me! I’ve been trying to get motivated, but bleh. I suspect two main causes:

  • Benadryl shuts me down, and if I take some before bed I will sleep way too much. 9.5 hours!? Gratuitous.
  • I am dependent on caffeine. I have to have some (a little at least) every day in the morning, otherwise I transform into a slug.

Actually, I already am a slug. Again, today’s instance was gratuitous.

I’ve been having a sort of prolonged geek out these last few days. I mean, I geek out a lot anyway but this feels more intense. I just don’t get sick of thinking about precision and recall, and I’m obsessing about relevance again. Did I mention Patrick Wilson is my theory boyfriend? Anyway, I keep wanting to map these concepts to other disciplines. Would Romantics delight in relevance as they did in magnetism; this phenomenon which exists but is so difficult to express, operationalize? Maybe magnetism isn’t such a big deal now, but it was a couple centuries ago.

The geek out is not limited to school subjects. I’m watching and enjoying Samurai Champloo (Japanese site, US site, 411), and I might just finish it this time! I’m also slowly catching up in BSG, but I’m still in season 2. And I’m getting back to Red Mars, my current pleasure reading. I’d like to read Blue and Green by the end of summer, since it’s not going to happen by the end of spring. And I’ve been introduced to a new webcomic and I really like it: xkcd. It makes me want to write a LIS-style comic, and I’m honestly not a big webcomic geek.

What do you think:
Interdisciplinary studies
UF Academic mashup

I should have taken three courses this quarter. Especially coming off of winter, I’m just not accustomed to the increase in free time.


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